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Emergency Dental Treatment

mouth pain

Verber Advanced Dental Studio is committed to helping you with any emergency situation that relates to your oral health. Oral health is so crucial to overall health that fixing an issue in your mouth may save you from going down a path of serious medical concerns later. Our team is available to you whenever you need us, we have doctors on-call in case something is urgent. 

Below is a list of issues that you may have that our team can help you with.
  • Broken Teeth – Broken teeth may need to be extracted if they are unable to be saved by your general dentist, please see your general dentist prior to calling us if you’ve broken a tooth. In some cases, the tooth may be salvaged by your general dentist, but if they deem it unrepairable we are able to extract the tooth for you. 
  • Surgery Complications – If you’re experiencing pain, swelling, bad odors, excessive bleeding, etc due to a recent surgery please call our office to set up an appointment or speak with one of our treatment coordinators. These things may be deemed urgent to be seen by our practice if left unevaluated.
  • Gum Infection – Gum infection can create serious problems for your oral health if left untreated. Our sister practice that is located within our office, Pennsylvania Center For Periodontology, will be able to evaluate this issue and determine what the problem is.
  • Tooth Extraction – Our office performs tooth extractions on patients of all ages, if you are in need of a tooth extraction, especially if it is causing you pain please give our office a call.
  • Dental Accident – If you’ve had any sort of trauma or accident to your mouth our office is available to evaluate the damage. Please call our office after an incident has occurred for us to be able to help evaluate the jaw, teeth, and mouth to protect you from long-term problems. 
  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions – Wisdom teeth extractions are very common procedures in our office that can seem daunting if you aren’t sure if this is what you need. Emergency wisdom teeth appointments may need to occur if you are experiencing a lot of pain and if they have compromised your overall oral health by remaining in your mouth. Our office can set up an appointment for you today!
  • Dental Implant Complications – If you have an implant that is causing you pain or has fallen out, please call our office immediately for our team to evaluate the tooth. If you’re experiencing difficulty chewing, gum inflammation, increased swelling, loosening of the implant tooth or severe pain or discomfort this may be a sign that the implant has failed. 

Call our office at 717.551.1511 to talk to our treatment coordinators about any emergency dental health care. We will work you into our after-hours schedule as quickly as possible to take care of your needs.