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Full Mouth Treatment

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There are some cases where you may need all your teeth replaced. A full-mouth dental implant treatment is an effective option for patients to have their smiles and function fully restored.

A full mouth treatment consists of a lot of planning. The first step is the diagnostic and planning stages. This can take several weeks as our team will take x-rays and CT scans, begin diagnostic mock-ups, virtual planning, and smile design. After all of the planning is done our team here at the Verber Advanced Dental Studio will go over the next steps specifically crafted for your individual case and give you a full plan for your brand new smile. 

What to Expect From a Full Mouth Treatment?

The extent of your treatment process can depend on your individual condition and preferences, but it begins with the placement of dental implants in the jawbone. Our advanced technology allows us to give you an effortless transition from bad teeth or no teeth to a beautiful set of temporary teeth very quickly. With the help of our in-house VerTrue Dental Lab, our technicians will craft the highest quality restorations for you. Our lab creates essentially indistinguishable replicas of real teeth. Before you know it,  you’ll have your final, permanent implant bridges that will fully restore function and comfort. It is the very best option in all of dentistry.

A full mouth treatment can be one of the most difficult of all dental treatments. Precision is the key to success. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if Full Mouth Treatment is right for you.