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Professional Teeth Whitening

VerTrue Whitening Kit- Professional Whitening without the Gimmicks...Just Honest Results

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Our mission is to provide an honest and truthful method of brightening smiles to Central PA. VerTrue Whitening is a simple whitening product that you can get at any of our participating dental offices (listed below) or through the VerTrue Whitening website. This is an at-home whitening kit that is custom fit to your mouth giving you professional results from the comfort of your own home. You can get your whitening kit right here at Verber Advanced Dental Studio or order it online. Ask our staff about VerTrue Whitening. 

The VerTrue Whitening subscription offers automatic refills of whitening gels every 6 months. There is an initial $249 startup fee for all new customers which includes your in-office oral health screening. Purchasing the subscription will include the initial whitening gels, and you’ll receive 4 whitening refills every 6 months as the recurring subscription. You can cancel at any time once you’re satisfied!.

You’ll be directed to select one of our convenient local offices at checkout and a treatment coordinator will reach out to you to schedule your whitening appointment.

The VerTrue Whitening Subscription comes complete with the following:
  • 8 Whitening Gel Tubes
  • Custom-Fitted Whitening Trays
  • 3D Model of your teeth
  • Whitening Tray Case
  • Shade Guide
  • Instructions
  • Oral Health Screening

Ordering whitening kits online will still require an in-office dental health screening to ensure you’re eligible for a whitening treatment.

If you’re looking for the non-subscription version, please click here

Participating offices: